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  • Trixel Art Fireplace

    Trixel Art Fireplace

    I created this trixel art style fireplace animation many years back for a neat public art project in San Francisco. I dug the art back up and created a 60 minute long version, which you can find on Youtube. So if you are looking for a retro style yule log video, you found it!

  • San Francisco Flag Redesign

    San Francisco Flag Redesign

    I’m back from a short trip to Chicago, where I had a blast shooting interviews at WordCamp for Publishers. While I was there, I noticed the city’s official flag could be seen everywhere. Shirts, bumper stickers, hats, coffee cups, tattoos, etc. Chicago’s flag, some blue bars with 4 red stars, is simple and iconic. San…

  • My 10 most popular GIFs on Giphy

    The folks at Giphy have been killing it this year and I’ve really enjoyed having my own artist page where I can share all my original animated GIFs. Recently, Giphy has started displaying the total views for each GIF, so I thought it would be fun to go through and pick out my 10 most popular GIFs…

  • Happy Alien Day!

    Here’s some original trixel art I made to celebrate Alien Day (#alien426). If you like dark and gritty science fiction… you’ll love Far Away! My light hearted young adult comic book about a robot and courageous young girl stuck on a distant planet. Check it out here.

  • My commissioned Beck GIFs

    My commissioned Beck GIFs

    via GIPHY Last year, the folks at Giphy asked me and a few other artists to create GIFs to help promote the release of Beck’s newest single, “Dreams“. As far as life goals go, I can’t think of anything better than being commissioned to make some art for Beck! You can see Giphy’s official post…

  • The Skateboarding Fairy: Fan Art For Rayssa Leal

    The Skateboarding Fairy: Fan Art For Rayssa Leal

    Perhaps you’ve seen this fantastic video of Rayssa Leal, a young Brazilian skater, landing a heelflip while wearing a tiny set of wings… like a skateboarding fairy. She takes a fall on her first attempt, and on her second attempt, but then she dons her fairy wings and lands the trick on the third try. I…