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  • An hour long trixelated fireplace

    An hour long trixelated fireplace

    I know winter is nearly over, but here’s an hour long version of my trixelated firedplace to keep you warm. This is part of the trixel art projects I was making a few years ago.

  • New trixel art flier for an upcoming show at The Temporarium

    Avery Burke is performing an acoustic set next Friday inside of The Temporarium, his new coffee shop on 22nd and Guerrero St. It sounds like a fun night and I’m looking forward to hearing Anakiarana and Banty Hen. Full details for the how are here. I made a flier for the show using Hexels Pro,…

  • My commissioned Beck GIFs

    My commissioned Beck GIFs

    via GIPHY Last year, the folks at Giphy asked me and a few other artists to create GIFs to help promote the release of Beck’s newest single, “Dreams“. As far as life goals go, I can’t think of anything better than being commissioned to make some art for Beck! You can see Giphy’s official post…

  • My workflow for creating gifs with trixels in Hexels Pro

    I’ve been a huge fan of Hexels and I just got word that they’ve finally released Hexels Pro 2 today! You can get it here. I’ve been using a beta version of Hexels 2 for the past year and I’m a huge fan, it’s totally changed the way I make art. To celebrate their official…