American Analog: Apple Picking

Officer Barry

I happened to peek into one of those mobile command vehicles on Market St and noticed a Pac-Man image made out of magnets. I asked the officer inside about it and he said “Yeah, the last guy put that up. I don’t know, it’s kind of stupid.” We got talking about the command center, which is full of REALLY old gear, iPhone apps, and the increase in iPhone and Apple thefts in the last few weeks. He said it’s such an easy way to make quick cash that thieves have started calling it “Apple Picking”.


Lost Horizon Night Market San Francisco

Since moving to San Francisco 5 years ago, I’ve had some amazing experiences, but last Saturday’s “Lost Horizon Night Market” could top them all. The Night Market was made up of about 25 box-trucks that had each been converted into different art projects. Due to the questionably legal nature the event, it was kept as low key as possible until the event actually started (on a low traffic section of road in the Dog Patch).

Insemination Shooting Gallery