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  • Roast Beef Dunwich, our horrifying new Twitterbot

    Roast Beef Dunwich, our horrifying new Twitterbot

    Have you ever wondered what items would be on the menu in a cosmic-horror-themed diner? Me too! Well not at first, but I had a fun Twitter handle (@eatroastbeef) that I wanted to do something neat with, so I thought it would be fun combine a bunch of unspeakable descriptions from Lovecraft novels along with…

  • Why Twitter GIFs aren’t really Gifs

    It took Twitter 9 years to support GIFs. When they did, they really just took GIF files and converted them to video. Don’t get me started on why that’s a bad idea…. More like Twitter "GIF"s, amirite? pic.twitter.com/w4PxHMk4Qx — Doctor Popular (@DocPop) October 24, 2015 Everytime you share a GIF on Twitter, it shows up…

  • MRVLcats

    Over the weekend I saw a bunch of Marvel characters drawn as cats popping up on my friend Apelad’s flickrhole. After learning it was part of a #mrvlcats meme on Twitter I decided to give it a shot with these few pieces:

  • The exception to the rule

    Thanks to Jeremy Gillick’s comment on Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter, I now know about Ganzbot! Ganzbot is an Arduino based robot that reads your Twitter feed out loud. I love the expressions Ganzbot makes at the end of the video. Want!