Grand Theft Auto: Valencia St

I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out various gaming engines lately and happened upon this screen shot and thought “Hey, that’s across the street from Zeitgeist… where that fire was!”

The Valencia Street Swing

Let me tell you about my love/hate relationship with the Valencia Street Swing. I love how elegant it is, and hate that I didn’t think of it first. A few weeks ago, some folks hung this swing from… Read More

Wood burning with a magnifying glass

Last November, I saw this guy using a magnifying glass to burn letters on to pieces of drift wood. I did a brief interview with him, but never got around to editing it until now. Check it out… Read More

Valencia Dragon

I saw this piece on 21st St and Valencia last week, before we got hit with all these storms. I wish I could have been there right when the rain started, to see the chalk art pulse with… Read More