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Tag: video game

  • Beefy’s tribute to all the sidekicks out there

    Beefy just posted a video for his song “Sidekick“, which is a ode to Mario’s taller brother…. and all the other video game sidekicks out there. The song is off of Beef’s album With Sprinkles.

  • KnifeTank: Don’t forget to vote

    “Blood + oil = Knife + Tank”- Beefy (from the KnifeTank Theme Song) We’ve seen some great reviews for our new web game, KnifeTank, including this fabulous piece on Download Squad and even a shout out on Kotaku. Thanks guys! Voting for the BoingBoing Chiptune Challenge is nearly over. We’ve seen some heavy traffic on […]

  • What I did for Thanksgiving

    I swear this is work related! Our game is nearly finished, but we’ve decided to push back the release date a bit. Since the functionality is all done, this extra time means more tweaking and last minute ideas. The reason I’m wearing lipstick (in the above picture) will hopefully be found when our iPhone game […]

  • Every to you emulate, doc remixes a meme

    Every time you emulate, God kills a cabinet. Above is my remix of the classic “masturbation” meme. I made another one (below) with those same old watercolors I keep talking about. I want to the second one, because Joss knows I’ve put a ton of work on it, but the photo version is obviously superior. […]