Beefy’s tribute to all the sidekicks out there

Beefy just posted a video for his song “Sidekick“, which is a ode to Mario’s taller brother…. and all the other video game sidekicks out there. The song is off of Beef’s album With Sprinkles.

KnifeTank: Don’t forget to vote

“Blood + oil = Knife + Tank”- Beefy (from the KnifeTank Theme Song) We’ve seen some great reviews for our new web game, KnifeTank, including this fabulous piece on Download Squad and even a shout out on Kotaku…. Read More

What I did for Thanksgiving

I swear this is work related! Our game is nearly finished, but we’ve decided to push back the release date a bit. Since the functionality is all done, this extra time means more tweaking and last minute ideas…. Read More

Every to you emulate, doc remixes a meme

Every time you emulate, God kills a cabinet. Above is my remix of the classic “masturbation” meme. I made another one (below) with those same old watercolors I keep talking about. I want to the second one, because… Read More