Way ahead of it’s time: The Remote Lounge NYC

The Remote Lounge was a high tech bar in NYC’s Bowery District from 10/2001 to 11/2007. The bar’s gimmick was that it was packed full of monitors and closed circuit television cameras. Each CCTV camera was mounted on a servo and could be controlled by anyone in the bar via any of the terminals throughout the bar. Each terminal had a joystick (for controlling a camera), a camera button (which would capture an image and upload it to the RemoteLounge.com), a next button (for switching to another camera), a chat button, and a land line phone. So you could cycle through the bar until you found someone sitting near a camera, then you could request to chat with them via the phone. Sometimes as you were watching a scene your camera would start to move and you’d realize someone else was watching and controlling the same camera that you were.



Databender app, video glitching for iOS and iPhone.

I’ve long been a collector of glitch apps for ios and have had my fingers crossed for a good video glitch (or datamoshing) app. I’ve toyed around with animating Decim8 images, but last week a new app called Databender finally made it’s way to the app store.

Databender appears to have two distinct modes: image & video. The video mode is what I spent most of my time messing with. This provides some pretty straightforward compression errors that look pretty swell. Sort of like this video. The only two modes of adjustment for the video effect are Intesity and Target (which I believe selects how wide the glitchable area is). For the video above, I took several videos I shot and edited in Lightt and ran them through several different settings in Databender. I then took these glitched clips and arranged them in iMovie and added a song from my Beeps and Smudges album as a background track. These files are actually fun to work with and I was surprised that while working in iMovie, I’d get different compression effects depending on what clips were side by side with another.. sort of turning iMovie itself into a glitch editor. I especially dug this effect of Christine skating over me!

It’s worth mentioning that this whole video (music, editing, glitching, etc) was created using iPhone apps.


Buy American Analog photo zine on the site

I’m working on updating my online shop, but for now I’ve decided to just create a single page for ordering copies of my American Analog zine online. It’s only a flat $10 shipped within the US. Easy! I’ve also created a new video about the zine too. Thanks to my friend David for his work shooting and editing it.