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  • How to make mini-comics, my guide to cutting and folding an 8 page zine.

    How to make mini-comics, my guide to cutting and folding an 8 page zine.

    I love making comics and teaching others how to make their own. Lately, this experience has been so gratifying that I’ve decided to step it up a notch with workshops and tutorials. The easiest way to get started is with my guide, “How To Make a Mini-Comic” freely downloadable, which you can print at home and fold…

  • Musicless Music Videos Are My New Jam

    Youtuber Mario Wienerroither makes music videos more epic by imagining what they would be like without all that cumbersome music. The results are frakkin hilarious. Also the idea that you can avoid legal action by writing “no copyright infringement intended” is pretty funny too.

  • Way ahead of its time: The Remote Lounge NYC

    Way ahead of its time: The Remote Lounge NYC

    The Remote Lounge was a high-tech bar in NYC’s Bowery District from 10/2001 to 11/2007. The bar’s gimmick was that it was packed full of monitors and closed-circuit television cameras. Anyone in the bar could control each CCTV camera via any of the terminals located throughout the establishment, thanks to their servo-mounted design. Each terminal…

  • Databender app, video glitching for iOS and iPhone.

    I’ve long been a collector of glitch apps for ios and have had my fingers crossed for a good video glitch (or datamoshing) app. I’ve toyed around with animating Decim8 images, but last week a new app called Databender finally made it’s way to the app store. Databender appears to have two distinct modes: image…

  • Buy American Analog photo zine on the site

    I’m working on updating my online shop, but for now I’ve decided to just create a single page for ordering copies of my American Analog zine online. It’s only a flat $10 shipped within the US. Easy! I’ve also created a new video about the zine too. Thanks to my friend David for his work…

  • Zumi Week: “Lisbo num Minuto”

    Lisboa num Minuto from bloc on Vimeo. This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here. This adorable video uses a simple editing technique and many of the Digital Harinezumi’s various color filters to take us on a short walk through Lisbon, Portugal.