Buy American Analog photo zine on the site

I’m working on updating my online shop, but for now I’ve decided to just create a single page for ordering copies of my American Analog zine online. It’s only a flat $10 shipped within the US. Easy! I’ve… Read More

Zumi Week: “Lisbo num Minuto”

Lisboa num Minuto from bloc on Vimeo. This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here. This adorable video uses a simple editing technique and many of the Digital Harinezumi’s various… Read More

Gifstamatic: Making Hipstamatic shots more awesome with Giffer

A while back, I made a video about some of the hidden new features that Hipstamatic added to their brilliant little app. My favorite new features utilize the volume buttons on the side of the phone for advanced… Read More

Listen to me babble about my top ten favorite songs (ever)

I posted recently about the Sound Souvenirs project, who kindly asked me to pick my top ten favorite songs. They’ve recently posted a video of me talking more rather passionately about each of my choices. As a reminder,… Read More