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Tag: week of comics

  • Ideas

    [nggallery id=6] Ideas is my first 24 hour comic that I felt was good enough to print. It documents both my move to San Francisco and several events that took place at Comic Relief in Berkeley throughout the day.

  • Pictureless Comics part 2

    We’ve reached the deadline for the pictureless comics challenge. Now it’s all up to the judges, but I thought it would be cool to post all the entrants (in order of their submission):

  • KickStarter for publishing and things

    Instead of searching for a publisher, Jamie Tanner decided to ask his fans for backing on his newest graphic novel. Using a service called KickStarter, Jamie has posted his project details and the amount he wishes to raise. Supporters can then offer him money to qualify for various gifts such as owning one of the […]

  • The Flea Family Circus

    This is my entry into the pictureless comic challenge. It’s probably the darkest comic I’ve ever drawn. If you prefer, you can read it with all the panels laid out on a single page on Flickr. or you can read it in gallery mode here: [nggallery id=8]