Super Top fan art by Danno!

“Next Time” is Danno‘s clever take on my Super Top character. I met Danno back in my Minneapolis days. I believe he’s one of the founding members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy, which he is still highly active in…. Read More

Super Top

[nggallery id=5] Super Top is the first comic I ever published and it is still my only entry into the “super hero” genre. It was originally printed in 2002 on a letter press in Minneapolis. The comic is… Read More

The Magic Yo-Yo (embedded)

[nggallery id=2] As my “week of comics” continues, I’ve decided to (re-)post Oke Rosgana’s The Magic Yo-Yo. As mentioned previously, this comic was made by Rosgana as part of the 2009 24hr Comic Book Day from his home… Read More

BOOF! in 3-D

The above anaglyph is a collaboration between the awesome Stan Heller and myself. Of course you’ll need a pair of those blue/red glasses to get the 3D effect. This piece was created to promote my 24hr book BOOF!,… Read More