Using AI to re-imagine classic yo-yo tricks

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Midjourney, a web-based tool that uses AI to generate art based on text prompts. I’ve been using it for silly things, like creating Lego Movie art in the style of… Read More

How New School Tricks Changed The Way We Play With Old School Yo-Yos

Throughout history, yo-yos have evolved to be less and less responsive, but for the first time in 90 years, this trend has changed. Quick note before I get started though, I have a Kickstarter project live right now… Read More

René Magritte’s Yo-Yo

I’m still messing around with my new iPad and the Procreate app for making art. I really had fun making this tribute to René Magritte’s “Son Of Man” with me and my yo-yo. via GIPHY I also made… Read More

Monthly yo-yo giveaway for Patreon backers

Just a heads up for all my yo-yo friends. Each month I do an exclusive yo-yo giveaway for Patreon/Popcast sponsors. This month’s yo-yo is a prototype VTWO yo-yo by One Drop. Yoyoexpert has a great write up of… Read More