Make your own yo-yo string

After sharing my review of Spool Thread Co’s yo-yo string last week, I’ve really been diving into the world of yo-yo string. After watching Airetic String’s tutorials on how to make your own yo-yo string, I decided to… Read More

A million Pony Farts

Pony Farts is a simple slack/whip yo-yo trick I shared back in 2010. I always loved how flexible it was to work into combos, but it never really caught on. This week I decided to document some of… Read More

The greatest yo-yo videos of all time

A recent Facebook post asked “What is your favorite yo-yo video?” and the results were pretty stunning. I’ve made a lot of yo-yo videos, but don’t really watch as many as I should. Thanks to this surprisingly awesome… Read More

Some new yo-yo videos from Iceland

Yo-Yo Store Rewind just posted a bunch of short “combo videos” from the World Yo-Yo Contest in Reykjavik, Iceland. I was happy to find a couple of my yo-yo tricks made the cut, so I wanted to share… Read More