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  • Grand Theft Auto: Valencia St

    I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out various gaming engines lately and happened upon this screen shot and thought “Hey, that’s across the street from Zeitgeist… where that fire was!”

  • Journey Into Analog 14: Ruined and Abused

    Sometimes you fuck up. Your film is too old, shots too exposed, or maybe you even opened your camera halfway through a roll of film. With this batch of film, I pretty much did all of these things… but I’m glad I decided to process it anyways. The shot above, of my friend Isaac Fitzgerald,…

  • Dr. Popular’s Draw-Along Brunch

    Like making arts? Can’t get enough Dr. Horrible? Nom nom nom? Then come hang out with me and some friends this Sunday at Zeitgiest Bar (11 am till 1 or 2) for bloody mary’s, brunch, and singing blogs. I’ll bring some watercolors, paper, and brushes for anyone to use, but folks are encouraged to bring…