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Tag: zine fest

  • SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 2: Peter S. Conrad

    In this second video from this year’s Zine Fest, I talk to Peter S. Conrad about the newest issue of his Attempted Not Known comic (order link). I was originally interested in the design of the book, which looks just like an old cassette tape, but Peter’s stories are always a pleasure to read too. […]

  • Wired, BoingBoing, and Poop!

    Whenever a bunch of cartoonists get together, they are going to make a bunch of jam comics. This weekend’s SF Zinefest was no exception. Kraig Rasmussen, movie buff and fellow Cartoonist Conspirator, just sent me a scan of a “poo” themed jam comic he started. See if you can guess which artist did what: I […]