Video Work

I got my start with online video back in 1999. My friends and I were making online yo-yo videos and it so addictive. Not only were these vids easy to make, but they helped people learn and motivated them to make their own videos. I’ve kept the hobby going since then making music videos, interviews with artists, and other weird stuff.

One of my favorite video projects was Doc Pop’s Guide to Mobile Photography, a weekly series of mobile photography tutorials I did while working as a community manager at Sincerely. One of my favorites was our guide to hosting your own Instawalks (teaching people how to teach others):

During that time I was asked to come onto Revision3’s Appjudgment and talk about Postagram and other Sincerely products, which turned into a series of regular appearances where I got to talk about games, tablets, and anything else. Here’s one of the my earlier appearances on Hipstamatic and other apps:

I’ve been able to do a few segments over the years, for ABC, Tekzilla, Distort TV, Current TV and others, and I loved every minute of it! I love to teach and share my enthusiasm and I’m hoping that has come across clearly in all of these videos. This video work has given me a chance to get closer to artists, makers, developers, and fans while doing something I love. It’s also given me some great professional opportunities such as my role as a Creative Advisor with the awesome folks at Lightt and a few of the videos they’ve hired me to work on, like this one which was done on an iPhone with no post-editing:


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